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merger probabilities

Outside of financial crises, mergers and acquisitions are the closest the stock market comes to high drama. Companies in play engage with investors and the public using a well-rehearsed script: Acquirers woo target shareholders while target companies publicise the value of independence. The biggest, most dramatic takeovers can involve antitrust regulators and politicians as well.


Review: The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies

The Second Machine Age by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

WW Norton, 2014

Rapid technological change has become such a constant in our lives that it’s easy to forget what the world was like before computers, the Internet and social media apps. Increasingly, these innovations are reinventing the economy and transforming corporations and the lives of individuals. Are these changes … Continued

Disruptive Business Models, Uber and Plane Crashes

Disruptive internet-based business models have upended traditional industries like recorded music, newspapers and retailing. The latest flurry of innovation involves start-ups that take a service traditionally provided by a regulated firm – such as a hotel or taxi company – transforming it into commission-paying transactions between buyers and sellers. Accessed via smartphone apps and ‘regulated’ … Continued

Taper Tantrums, Bank Lending and Emerging Markets

As quantitative easing measures or asset purchases by central banks are scaled back or ‘tapered’, how might big international banks be affected? This was the question prompted by a bank risk manager who responded to one of my recent posts by writing:

“You should be looking at plain vanilla lending, across many types … Continued